Periodontal Healthcare

Periodontal health is a vital aspect of overall wellness, and at Dedham Dental Group, we value the health of our patients. We’re here to help you improve and maintain healthy soft tissues within your oral structure, so you may enjoy the benefits of their continued success. The team at Dedham Dental Group have the experience and compassion necessary to ensure your periodontium remain in good condition for years to come.


What is the Periodontium? 

Periodontal Healthcare in Boston - Dedham Dental

Essentially, periodontium refers to the tissues that are specialized in supporting teeth. These tissues perform essential duties that contribute to the overall function of the teeth.

 The periodontal ligaments hold the teeth securely to their sockets in the alveolar bone. The alveolar bone is a responsive, ever-evolving ridge of bone matter that houses the teeth. Cementum is a calcified substance that protects the teeth roots. The gum, or gingiva, help maintain the integrity of the teeth by protecting their roots and providing a mutable structure covering the alveolar bone. Our dentists have studied these structures while earning earning their doctorate in depth. Their expertise and familiarity with the oral anatomy make Dedham Dental a great choice for periodontal maintenance. 

Love the Gums You’re With

A myriad of health issues ensue when these structures are neglected. All of the aforementioned periodontal structures are vulnerable to both infection and long-term damage. Without proper care, the resulting uncomfortable complications can threaten the teeth. Luckily, the competent staff at Dedham Dental Group offers preventive services to help patients protect their periodontal health.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Scaling and Root Planing
Regular Cleaning 
• Preventive Care 
Gum Grafting  

We offer our skilled services and gentle care to patients in Dedham and the rest of the metropolitan Boston area. 

Dedham Dental Group: for Excellent Periodontal Health

Taking care of your teeth and gums are an essential aspect of overall health. Ensure your smile is healthy with adequate maintenance and proper treatment from the caring people at Dedham Dental Group. Ours is a clean, modern practice, who take pride in our personable service and high patient retention rate. Feel free to call us and schedule an evaluation, and begin your journey to optimal oral health. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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